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ACLS Courses has designed a resource center to fit your needs while attaining your ACLS certification or recertification with our online program.

Choose from the list of our various products and select one or more of the ACLS items that we offer.

Official ACLS 2010 AHA Provider Manual

The 2010 AHA provider manual is the full, official AHA study guide and may be used to prepare for either our ACLS certification or recertification exams. Our exams have been crafted after and specifically follow the core material found within the pages of the AHA provider manual. This manual is the most current, up-to-date AHA ACLS instructional booklet available today.

For those applicants that require the benefit of the entire AHA provider manual, you may purchase it by clicking here, or on our Registration page.

Official ACLS HeartCode AHA Course

This HeartCode AHA course is the most convenient option for those applicants in need of an AHA-accredited certification. This online course has been created by the American Heart Association and is sent to you in the form of an email link by one of our staff members. This program is the most flexible and cost efficient way of obtaining your AHA-endorsed ACLS provider card.

To complete this online self-learning program, you will download the link sent to you via email by our staff. You are then required to successfully finish the cognitive portion of the program including patient scenarios and multiple-choice questions as well as successfully complete the in-person skills evaluation with an AHA ACLS instructor in your area. This link can be successfully run on current PC computer systems. Once passed, this online course will allow you to avoid taking the 2-day class and will only require that you pass the in-person skills evaluation in a facility near you to receive your official AHA ACLS provider card.

For those applicants that require an AHA-approved ACLS certification or recertification, you may purchase the Official ACLS HeartCode AHA Course by clicking here, page.

ACLS Replacement Card, $25

For applicants that have passed our ACLS certification or recertification exam and have misplaced, lost or had their hard copy provider card stolen, you may order a replacement card through our website.

The cost of a replacement card is $25, and the card will be identical to the original ACLS hard copy card that you received from our program free of charge upon passing one of our exams.

Please note, replacement cards can only be purchased by and issued to individuals who have passed one of our online exams and can provide proof of same.

For those individuals in need of a replacement ACLS hard copy card, you may purchase it for $25 by clicking here, or on our Registration page.